PFAFF Creative 3.0 IDT -

PFAFF Creative 3.0 IDT -
Product Brand:   PFAFF
Product Condition:   New
£2,499.00 £2,599.00
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Everything you do can be seen. The brilliant, high resolution screen shows stitches in actual size and embroidery designs in true colors. Customize and combine designs directly on the screen and position them the way you like. A centrally located screen provides good visibility from different angles.

More than 150 exclusive designs included with the machine. An unbelievable variety of beautiful PFAFF® embroidery designs, including specialty techniques such as yarn couching, Tread Velvet™ technique, and cutwork are waiting to be discovered by you.

Over 250 stitches - be astonished by the fascinating selection of PFAFF® high-quality 9 mm stitches – unique embellishments, stitched perfectly on all kinds of fabric, thanks to the original IDT™ System. PFAFF® Stitch Creator™ Feature – Unique – Design your own new 9 mm Stitches or edit built-in stitches. Vary the look of the stitch with unlimited possibilities.

What Sue Says: 'The most popular machine since its launch in May.  Everyone who sees it's capabilities at less than £2000 is amazed and instantly falls in love!  Pre-installed with 150 beautiful Pfaff embroidery designs as welll as being able to read Husqvarna designs.  You can check each website regularily for free design downloads. These two popular brands give you the most varied and modern embroidery designs.  As a sewing machine the Creative 3.0 comes with all the features that a sewer would need and with the possibility of designing your own 9mm decorative stitich, the world is your oyster!  The built in IDT system keeps your sewing layers travelling at the same rate. When engaged, the IDT (walking foot) makes the Pfaff Creative 3.0 more powerful than an average machine. The IDT system is a set of feed dogs which grip the upper layer of fabric, so its like two hands pulling the fabric through instead of one on a traditional machine. You can engage the IDT into the zipper foot, making stretch fabric zip insertion simple. It also means that you can use a 1/4" foot at the same time as using your built in walking foot (IDT).  With many other features it is a must to visit us for a full demonstration, but BE AWARE you will LOVE IT!



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