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Complimentary 3 day training workshop with every Brother XV purchased from me.

Everything's easier, faster and more intuitive than ever. See exactly where the needle will drop. Convert scanned images to embroidery data in just a few seconds. Add stippling embroidery where you like. This is the machine on which you'll perfect your skills.  Read on and see what Sue says about this super machine!

• 10.1" High-resolution IPS LCD touch screen
• Advanced intelligent camera eye system
• Super large embroidery area (9½ x 14", 240 x 360mm)
• 11¼" (285mm) long arm
• Scanning feature:
• Line art scanning (Draw it, Scan it, Convert it, Stitch it)
• Image scan
• Stipple and scan
• Auto Stipple
• Custom draw Stippling
• High speed sewing and embroidery up to 1050 stitches per minute
• Built-in tutorials
• Laser guide line for straight line sewing
• SFDS Square Feed Drive System, deliver's smooth strong feed
• Direct dual feed foot

Sue says, "The XV is called 'The Dream Machine' and it really is!

Just finished another customer classs on the XV; Hilda and Carol really enthusiastic and love the machine even more after understanding what it can really do!!! Everytime I teach this machine, I love it more.  The camera is such an obvious and brilliant feature, it's so multi-functional with a number of uses, its just fabulous!  Follow me on instagram, linked in and twitter for find out more,  Read my blog to see just how special this machine is.  Lucy has just completed her GCSE show piece and now wortking on her prom dress. Read More . . .

As someone who was part of a design team (not Brother I must add) machines really have to impress me when they are launched.  This machine does.  I have been asking for some of the features to be included in a machine for 15 years now, I am so glad that Brother have made them a reality.It is a top of the range machine in everyway.  It sews like a dream and now has the 5/8" (15mm) seam allowance LED guide (thanks Rachel for putting forward my suggestion).

The embroidery side is by far the best on the market. With a built in basic software package you can scan in your own images using the built in camera and convert these to your individual designs.  The LED pointer shows you exactly where the needle will drop at the beginning of your design, so positioning designs on fabric is so easy.  There is no need to position the fabric accurately in the hoop, as the 'snowman feature' which also works with the built in camera makes this the easiest of any machine available when connecting designs.  If you are new to machine embroidery these are must have features!  The new super large embroidery area is divine, in the past I have been slightly dissappointed with Brother embroidery designs but the new ones are fashionable, exquisite and very impressive.

I wouldn't sugest that anyone gets into debt, but the interest free credit available (Brother credit is underwritten by Barclays) means that with affordable payments you don't need to use your well earned savings.  This is something well worth considering.

This is really a sewers Ferrari, it is really THE DREAM MACHINE!"


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